This is day one.  I’m excited about launching this project.  My life and work will never be the same.

A while back, Christy posted a link to 365 A Daily Creativity Journal.  Their concept is to “get inspired to start your own project or get the inspiration you need to keep going on one you’ve already started. And then share what you’ve created with the world!”
I was intrigued by the idea and thought I might try a 365 day creativity journal.
I worked on this idea for several days and came up with a few potential projects.  The one I’ve settled on is one I’ve been tinkering with and talking about for two years.  It’s time to get serious and get it done.  The timer is running down.
500 Days to a New Life is about radically changing my lifestyle and a lot more that is yet to be discovered.    Many things have to occur to make this dream a reality: selling my house, retiring, staying healthy, purchasing an RV, drastically reducing my possessions, income, cost of living, and….  I’m sure your imagination can fill in other things if you think about what it would take for you to start a new life on the road.
Doing the “quit my job to pursue a dream” thing is actually a little scary.  But massive change almost always is.  This project pushes me to and past my edge and that is a good thing.   I’ll definitely be cracking out of my egg.
I’ll be posting progress reports as periodic blogs, photo blogs and vlogs.
Stayed tuned!

I’m just one man and help is always appreciated.  Leave any suggestions, thoughts, questions, and/or ideas you have in the comments or send an email to me at
Don’t let fear prevent you from initiating change. ~  One Daughter’s Story

I’ve made a little progress today.  I have gotten a car I need to sell repaired.  I’ll be showing it to a potential buyer tomorrow.