Some days life is glorious and I wish I was holding hands with someone sharing the adventure.

Other days life is challenging and I wish I had a hand to hold so I wouldn’t be facing the challenge alone. It is days like that when I know  I have work to do.  I have to dig deeper.  It is time to remove some armor and expose my heart a bit more.  It is a time to learn more about walking in faith.

Whenever I’m uncomfortable, I know I’ve found the edge of my box. I remove as much armor as I can, open my heart as wide as I can, and move forward rather than retreating back into the safety of my comfort zone.

I’m pushing out the edges of my box in several areas these days.

  1. Putting my house on the market even though it’s not ready to sell
  2. and still has a lot of stuff in it that needs to be dealt with
  3. and I have no where to go
  4. The date for leaving my job is only months away and my cash flow will be greatly reduce
  5. I have to go deal with the doctor again (no worries, I’m not sick though I think he wishes I was)
  6. The IPEDS report is very important to the college.  It was assigned to me and I don’t know much about what to do.

The more armor I take off the more I can open my heart, and the more I see, hear, love, and enjoy life.

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