On the whim of a toddler this evil plan has been renamed Transformer Train. Suits me.  It will be a transformational experience.

I enjoy traveling by train.  Today we’ll be boarding the Amtrak Crescent in Anniston and heading to New Orleans for a few days. Such adventure awaits. There is just so much to see and do there.  For a phototog like me, it’s a ‘mega mall’ of possibilities.  Toss traveling with a toddler into the mix and it can’t help but be an interesting expedition.  There will be a lot of ‘firsts’ for him:  train ride, carriage ride, street car ride, bug museum, voodoo, Mississippi River, to mention a few.  This is an opportunity to see the world freshly through his eyes.  w00t! w00t!  I think I’ll be taking a lot of my pictures from his point of view.

Stayed tuned for random updates on the trip.

Have a wonderful week!

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