I got this idea from The Organic Sister.  She is a life coach for women who I have been following for several years beginning when she lived full time in an RV.
She asked something along the lines of, what have you done today to enhance your life spiritually, physically, and emotionally?  That is a great question and I thought I’d try to answer in my own way.
I composed this list the other day.
What have I done today to enhance my existence?

Physical – I participated in some aerobic activities and ate fairly healthy food.
Emotional – I hung out with people who I love and who love me.
Spiritual – I meditated, read some uplifting information, and played.
Creative – in keeping with Hugh MacLeod‘s “Make creative work the most important work you do”, I put more effort into this category.
I let a 3 year old train my imagination.  Super Samurai Jesse, the fire guy and Ralph the sword guy vanquished the Nylock from the yard. We also caught and released lightning bugs.
I discussed a photo shoot idea with another photographer.
I listened to a podcast on writing. Writing isn’t one of my better skills and I’m attempting to improve.
I continued recording for the second a day video project.
I took some pictures.

If I continue this, I’ll post a once a week update of what I’ve done in these categories.  Heck, I may even find a new category to add.

What categories would you use?
What have you done to improve your life today?

See what else I’m doing.

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