I recently read a blog post, The Universe Next Door.  The title sent  my liar mind off into a direction unrelated to the content of the blog.

The title reminded me that the mind makes things up.  I’d like to think it is making things up that are in my best interest.  That hasn’t proven to be right.  Well, half the time it’s not right.  There is the whole ying/yang thing.  Seems my mind often makes me afraid, sad, depressed, suspicious, happy, gleeful, excited, loving, joyful,  and a world of other things.

Are my thoughts real or are they  memoryrx?

So many times in life I’ve let my mind take me down paths that were imaginary.  It reminded me that being mindful is a totally different life experience than living in my head.
Coming back to the present is the universe next door to the one my mind is making up.   I like the universe next door much better.

So, are these ideas a lie created by my mind.  Or not.  Hard for me to tell the difference.

I guess I’ll just Be Here Now.

Fly your freak flag high!  Peace and love

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