Life has been crowded lately with work and play.

I’ve been working on my two on going projects:  500 Days and a Second a Day for a Year.   Both are progressing.

I went to the Grits Festival last Saturday.   You might remember it was rescheduled due to terrible weather.  Saturday was the day.   I had a good time, a coconut ice cream, and took a few (very few) pictures.
Christy and Jeremy invited me over for supper so after the festival I headed over there.   Yummy food and good company.

Father’s Day was interesting house work and all.  No children around and no father around.  lol  Not a depressing day at all.  Just odd.  Next year it is a day I will celebrate by being kind to myself.  If I don’t forget. hahahaha  Thanks go to my online friends for the good wishes.
I wasn’t alone all day, I went to play with Christy, Jeremy, and Jesse.

Some where along the way I cooked a big pot of yellow rice and veggies to munch on during the week.  Turned out delicious.  At some point it will turn into fried rice and veggies.  Variety is good.

This week is work as usual starting with a nice nine hour day today.  I was going to mow, but it stormed when I got back to the house.  I have no plans for the upcoming weekend.  Wait, that isn’t right.  Global Meditation is June 23rd.   I need to sync my meditation with that.

Up coming evil plans ~ road trips:

The end of June, along with Christy, Jeremy, and Jesse, I’m going to south Alabama for Terry Cline’s memorial service.  I loved him.  He and I had some great times.  I wish I’d spent more time with him and his lovely wife Judith.  Being so close to the gulf of Mexico,  there will be some time at the beach I hope.  *fingers crossed   I haven’t been to the beach in a long time and my spirit longs for it.

The weekend of July 4th, the four of us are going to Oak Ridge to visit Starr, Matthew, and Seren.   A trip to visit them is always amazing fun!

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