I know I was shooting for weekly updates on this series.  I’m still working on that one.

What have I done lately to enhance my existence?

Physical – I participate in aerobic activities, eat fairly healthy food, and laugh a lot.
I have to confess ~ I ate take out food from a restaurant one night and I ate meat a couple times.  Not my usual fair.
I dance a lot. That is good physically, emotionally, creatively, and spiritually.
Emotional – I hang out with people who I love and who love me.
I practice mindfulness and remember that the difficult people I encounter are teachers revealing things about me to myself.
I greet the day by clapping in appreciation when I walk out the door in the morning.
Spiritual – I meditate, read encouraging information, pray, and play. Lately I’ve taken to practicing laughing meditation in a casual, light hearted kind of way.  I walk around clapping and chanting  ‘Ho, Ho, Ha, Ha, Ha’.   roflmao   It is quite uplifting.
Creative – The ‘second a day for 365 days’ video project is progressing.  I haven’t missed a day and I’ve managed to compile the seconds weekly.  That way it won’t be a huge job at the end of days.
I’m still taking and editing pictures every day.  Most days I post one on Instagram.
I meet almost daily with my imagination and creativity guru.

I’ve decided to address 500 Days in these random ‘First Things First’ updates.

  • With 267 days left in this evil plan, I’m not sure I’m making appropriate progress.
  • My office at work is about 1/2 cleaned out.  That has to be completed by the end of this year.
  • I’m doing pretty good clearing out the inside of the house.   I’m down to the things that are really hard to part with because they are keepsakes, photos, or things I’m currently using.  I’ve had a startling revelation:  there isn’t room in an RV for knickknacks. There is no where to sit them.  rofl
  • The shop is still a big mess.  It is slowly getting better.  I could probably pull out the tools I plan to take with me and have a ‘man stuff’ yard sale.  That would get rid of a lot of things.
  • Prepping the house for sale……shaking head sadly…..that is kicking my butt.  The yard grows faster than I can mow and trim.  I need more time on task.  I guess I should play less.  hmmm  The place could use some paint here and there and a little new hardware.
  • RV shopping is an ongoing activity.  I’ve looked at many and in that process I’m honing in on what I need.
  • Things are as they are supposed to be and I have faith all the pieces will come together when it is time.

Kudos to  The Organic Sister. for this idea.

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