The Go With The Flow or Go Nuts Day!

We started the day with a breakfast picnic on the sidewalk in front of the motel: strawberry and blueberry yogurt, a bagel and cream cheese, coffee and chocolate milk.

We all got bathed, dressed,


and packed the car for the ride to Fairhope for Terry Cline’s memorial. So far so good.

The ride went pretty well other than a toddler pee emergency and having a bit of trouble finding the exact location of the service.  We arrived, did the meet and greet, and settled into our seats. That is where the fun began.

Young children don’t thrive in memorial service.  If the child isn’t thriving you can be sure the people in charge of the child won’t be thriving either.  At least not for long. That sitting still business only lasts so long and then it is time to run, jump, and play.  So there we go running, jumping, playing (especially in the fountain).  Then there was the edge of the  bluff.  Come back Jesse!  No, I’m a flying Ninja.  Not the answer I was hoping for.   Christy intervened with the ‘momma look’ and Jesse didn’t test his wings.

Things still hadn’t started (a problem with the sound system) and the heat and humidity was taking its toll on Jesse and the rest of us.  Finally he had a melt down and had to be taken back to the car.  He had to put on different shorts and all he had left were too big and his belt wasn’t there.   I stayed for part of the service and then joined them to head home.

Off we go.   We stopped for gas and Jesse wanted a sucker.  On the way into the store, his shorts kept falling down.  He keeps trying and they keep falling.  The lens pops out of my glasses.  We get back in the car and continue on to a Target store to get the tired, hungry, fussy, half clad boy some pants that fit. We put them on him in the store.  lol  He wanted Pringles so in the cart they went.  After a while he ate his Pringles and went to sleep.   Peace and quiet for almost the entire rest of the way home.  YAY!

Fun Times!

I’m looking forward to next weekend’s adventures in Oak Ridge visiting with Starr.  I’m sure it will top this trip.

Have an amazing week!!!!!

Peace out