I  was shooting for weekly updates on this series.   I know it’s been a while, but here is the update at long last.

What have I done lately to enhance my existence?

Physical – I’ve been eating fairly healthy food.  There has been more meat in my diet than usual. But things are getting back to normal in the meat area.  I did eat a small bag of chips at work the other day.    Not the ‘A’ plan.
Water is the beverage I drink most.
My annual doctor’s visit turned out ok.  No new problems.
I laugh and dance a lot. That is good physically, emotionally, creatively, and spiritually.
With all the warm weather I’ve been outside as much as possible doing yard work and playing.
Emotional – I hang out with people who I love and who love me while minimizing the negative influences in my day.
I practice mindfulness and remember that the difficult people I encounter are teachers revealing things about me to myself.  Being the watcher of my thoughts and feelings is good.  I don’t always manage it.  I’m still practicing.
I try to live each moment with a smile on my face and a heart filled with love.  This could fit under spiritual too I suppose.
I’m still greeting the day by clapping in appreciation when I walk out the door in the morning.
Spiritual – I meditate, read encouraging information, pray, and play.  I’m still having fun with my daily practice of laughing meditation.  ‘Ho, Ho, Ha, Ha, Ha’  How could that not be fun?
Thankfulness is as big a part of my practice.
Creative – The ‘second a day for 365 days’ video project is progressing.  I still haven’t missed a day. It is getting more difficult.   Odd how finding a new ‘second’ becomes a challenge. I’m sure that is in my mind.
I haven’t been taking as many pictures. I’m not sure why.
I meet almost daily with my imagination and creativity guru.
A new ‘out of state’ adventure is in the works.
I’ve been performing in the classroom two days a week. Fun times! I like being in the classroom.

I’ve decided to address 500 Days in these random ‘First Things First’ updates.

  • With 241 days left in this evil plan, I’m not sure I’m making appropriate progress.
  • My office at work is about 2/3 cleaned out.  That has to be completed by the end of this year.  I’ve recently destroyed hundreds of diskettes containing confidential data.
  • I’m doing pretty good clearing out the inside of the house.  I’ve boxed a lot and need to take it away.  I’m about to begin the process of boxing up the things I plan to move into the RV.
  • The shop is still a big mess.  It is very slowly getting better.   I think I’m only taking a basic tool box and everything else in there can go.
  • Prepping the house for sale……shaking head sadly…..that is kicking my butt.  The yard grows faster than I can mow and trim.  I need to do a little painting and replace some door hardware.
  • I’ve been shopping for RVs online and found several.   I’ve also learned a lot more about them.   A trip to an RV show is planned for this weekend.
  • Things are as they are supposed to be and I have faith all the pieces will come together when it is time.

Kudos to  The Organic Sister. for this idea.

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