It’s not long now.  NOLA bound in 13 days!
Train ticket…..done!
Reservation at 905 Royal…..done!
I’ll be gone a week.  Two days travel time and the rest playing and some impromptu street photography.  w00t! w00t!
I don’t have any firm things planned.  Here is the really short list of possibilities:

Dirty Linen Night on Royal Street
This will be easy to do.  The place I am staying is located right where this festival is being held.  I can just go outside and be at the festival.  lol Easy Peasy.

Swamp Tour 
There are several options for this tour.
Grayline Tours This tour begins within walking distance of the hotel.  That is a plus.  On the downside, this hour and a half tour isn’t going to get too far out into a swamp.  It may wind up being a tour of the drainage canals.
Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour This tour boat has a restroom on board.
Cajun Critters Swamp Tour
I have to make sure they can accommodate Jesse which means they probably need a restroom on the boat.  The tour boats are covered so I won’t be riding in the hot August sun.  The air boat tours I checked out didn’t take children under five.
COOLinary New Orleans is another happy coincidence.
Oh wait.  There are no coincidences.

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