Day two in New Orleans. We had a great time yesterday.

Today started out sunny but it’s raining now. The forecast for today is scattered thunderstorms. We’ll still have fun.
Stay tuned for random updates throughout the day.

This morning we walked to the river, took pictures, shopped a bit, and had lunch at Frank’s Italian Restaurant. The food was delicious. I had red beans and rice. Christy had calamari and crab stuffed artichoke heart. Jesse had chicken fingers and fries. He ate his fries.

After some rest and cooling off (it’s 95 and really humid) we went to a voodoo shop so Christy could pick up some herbs. Then there was a brief stop at a pet store. Finally we went on a carriage ride tour of St. Louis Cemetery Number 1 and Number 2. The carriage dropped us off at 905 Royal. Jesse was about asleep. Now he is wide awake again.

After resting we went out to pick up some drinks. Hot as it is we’re drinking a lot of water and Jesse likes chocolate milk. We also got some ice cream. The picture is looking the other direction down Royal street. Jesse is worn out and we are too. It’s rainy so we’re in for the night.

Shine on!