Day 3
Starting the day out with a cup of coffee on the patio.

It’s early and Christy and Jesse are still sleeping.

Seems a bit cooler this morning and currently it isn’t raining.
The vague plan for today is to visit the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
and Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. We plan to ride the Riverfront Streetcar there and maybe back again.
Also happening today:
New Orleans Red Dress Run. There should be a lot of opportunity to take pictures of ladies in red.
Dirty Linen Night. I know I won’t miss this. It’s on the same street as the 905 Royal Hotel.

Stayed tuned for the random photo update during the day.

We rode the streetcar to the butterfly garden. We arrived early and spent 45 minutes playing around out front.

20130810-192330.jpgRed Dress Run
The picture says a lot. This probably calls for a blog all it’s own.

The Dirty Linen Festival
Check my Instagram for two related 15 second videos.
No picture. It’s too dark for the iPhone. I’m sitting on the front porch at 905 Royal watching the Dirty Linen Festival wind down. Most the people walking by are leaving. A nice way to end an exciting day.
Just when I was thinking the day was ending I ventured out once more into the craziness that is life.

Love and light.