Sunday in the French Quarter
Yesterday the heat index was 105. Christy wants to sleep late today. Sounds like a plan to me. It might be good to have a slow, restful day before embarking on any more big excursions in this heat. Of course with 3 year old Jesse along that probably won’t be the way it goes.
Me? I’m back on the patio at 5:30 am sipping coffee and editing pictures.
thutheeyesofage got me thinking about these early morning quiet times. It is the time to center myself, a time to reconnection with myself, nature, and the universal spirit. These early morning quiet times renew and refresh my spirit just as sleep renewed and refreshed this physical body.

I have an affinity for aloe plants. Aloe plants are like companion birds. Seems I always have one around.
We started the day with a visit to Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo on Burbon street.
Next we walked to the Cabildo so Jesse could play on the cannon out front

20130811-151031.jpgCool museum with something for just about everyone even a drum to play. The drum is good for 3 year olds of any age. All of us had a great time playing it.

Stay tuned for the random photo updates during the day.

‘Tis a great day for sharing loving kindness.