20130813-060110.jpgGrave in St. Louis #1.

It’s almost 6am. Jesse and Christy are still snoozing. We were out fairly late last night for music and dinner. Christy and I ordered gyro wraps and Jesse ordered fries and alligator ‘fingers’. Good food.
We enjoyed listening to the Blues group that performed and we even danced a bit.

Today we will ride the Riverfront Streetcar to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. We already have our tickets so we won’t have to stand in line. I’m looking forward to taking pictures there.
I’ll try to add a few photo updates throughout the day.

It was a lovely morning to walk to the streetcar. We arrived a tad early and had to wait for the aquarium to open. We had a great time inside taking pictures, eating lunch, talking, playing, and looking at their cool collection. Christy and I touched the stingrays. Jesse tried but didn’t feel comfortable with it.

Looked ok weather wise when we walked out. Before we got to the end of the porch it’s was poring rain. We decided to brave it to the streetcar stop. Not far. We’d be under the roof there. oops! No roof. Jesse is digging playing in the rain. We started to dig it too. The streetcar came and we rode to our stop pretty well soaked by then. We walked to a store getting wetter all the time. Then we causally strolled through the pouring rain laughing and playing all the way to 905 Royal.

Who on Earth do you think you are?
A superstar?
Well, right you are
And we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Well, we all shine on
Everyone, c’mon
~ John Lennon