It was an awesome trip to NOLA! I love collecting experiences and pictures.
I’ve returned to what passes for ‘normal’ in my life. I’ll be going back to my job today. Classes begin next week. I’m not sure which day they begin. I better check.  I checked:  August 19th.
In the coming days I’ll post some more photos from the NOLA adventure. I downloaded several hundred to the computer when I got home yesterday. I’ve been through them once and deleted the obvious screw ups. A couple of more review, delete cycles and then I’ll be ready to start posting a few.
There are a couple of things other than work on today’s agenda: photo shoot, pick up the mail at the post office, pick up a few groceries, and check out a problem at the rental house. I don’t know if I’ll do all these. I’ll do what I can.

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