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Christy, Jesse, and I took the Amtrak Crescent from the train depot in Anniston AL to New Orleans for a week of adventure and photography. This train station is a classical revival depot and is listed in the National Registry of Historical Places. Jesse loves to ride the train. Heck, we all love to ride the train. We left August 8, 2013 and returned August 14th. Unfortunately Jeremy couldn’t go this time. He had to work.
Christy’s father was kind enough to drive us to the train station and pick us up so we wouldn’t have to leave a vehicle parked there for a week.
We stayed at our usual place, the historic 905 Royal Hotel in the French Quarter. The 905 Royal was built in the late 1890’s.

ST. Louis Cemetery #2

Location: Claiborne Avenue between St. Louis and Iberville Streets
Entrance gates at Bienville and Conti Street
Monday – Saturday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Holiday closings vary

The church consecrated St. Louis #2 for burials in August 1823.

Christy, Jesse, and I took one of the carriage cemetery tours.  We visited two cemeteries as well as stopping at some of the other sites in the French Quarter.

“This is the largest early Creole cemetery in New Orleans. Above-ground tombs dot the urban setting following European Enlightenment ideals and architecture prominent in both France and Spain. St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 is one of the finest collections of antebellum mortuary art arranged in an orthogonal grid. Tomb design, carved sculpture, and the ironwork surrounding the tombs and cemetery offer a glimpse into the artistic and cultural hybrids of the Creole community. Notable architects such as James Gallier and J. N. B. de Pouilly designed some of the grave sites, and those interred include significant jazz musicians and local war heroes.” (source –

Vandalism, natural elements, and two hurricanes have critically damaged many of the tombs.

The last two pictures are of one possible burial site for Marie Laveau a renowned Voodoo practitioner.  People still leave offerings to gain her blessing.

Even though toys had been left as offerings Jesse didn’t touch anything. He was very respectful of the shrine.

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