This is a two part deal. The first blog will be about the software in my ‘camera bag’. Actually, the software is on my computer and on my iPhone.

For photography

On an iPhone 4

IncrediBooth is like having a little photo booth in my pocket. This is an app I play with occasionally.
Camera+ is a nice app I originally downloaded for the focus and exposure controls. There are other nice features I use: grid, the standard set of sharing options, the lightbox, image stabilization, and the digital zoom. If I’m not using Hipstamatic to take the picture I’m probably using Camera+.
Hipstamatic provides a wide variety of films and lenses. It is currently my favorite app for taking black and white photos.


Instagram I’m sure you all know about Instagram.
DMD is an easy to use panorama app. Here is an example.


Pro HDR creates full-resolution HDR images with just a single tap! I like this app, but often forget to use it.
Fisheye Pro, an entertaining special effects app.


Slit-Scan, another entertaining special effects app. These are full size train cars. The app creates this illusion.

Snapseed is the app I primarily use for any editing I do to pictures on the iPhone.
Diptic Of all the collage apps I’ve tried, this is definitely my favorite.

The pictures in the Diptic image above were taken with ToonCamera.

ToonCamera, The Coolest Cartoon Video App You’ve Never Noticed: The name says it all. This fun app lets me transform regular pictures into comic style pictures in real time. It will also record comic style videos.
Perfectly Clear is an easy to use photo correction app that I sometimes forget is on my phone.

On the computer
CS3 – It isn’t the latest and greatest version but it has more capabilities than I need and use. I don’t have any plans to move over to Adobe’s new cloud offering.

For videos
On an iPhone 4

Super 8 – This is the app I am using for my second a day for a year project.
iMovie I use this to make HD movies and trailers. There are 8 unique themes, each with its own set of titles, transitions, and music.
Action Movie is a fun, special effects app.
Intro Designer creates professional style intros and credits for videos. There are 21 templates to chose from.
Youtube – Occasionally I will upload a video from the iPhone to Youtube.

On the computer
Windows Movie Maker is the video editor I use most on the pc. It is simple to use and for my skill level it has all the tools I need.
Movavi Video Editor is more advanced video editor. Maybe one day I’ll have the time and the patience to learn and use all the features. I just don’t make enough videos now to make it worth while.

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