I’ve tossed out the entire idea of weekly updates on this topic.  This topic  is too repetitive for that and I just can’t get my act together to do it weekly.

What have I done lately to enhance my existence?

Physical – I’m eating healthy foods for the most part.   Avoiding GMOs is still a challenge.   I’m working on it and trying to shop with that in mind.  I got an app, Shopnogmo, for my phone that was a little help.   There just aren’t a lot of shopping options in this area.  I don’t know that I can totally avoid GMOs here.
I got my annual flu shot.
As usual, I’ve been doing a lot of walking and the never ending yard work.   Christy, Jesse, and I have been on several excursions to play at the underwater bridge and other places.
I’ve started doing a few pushups each morning and I’m still laughing and dancing.  It’s difficult to do the pushups.  I forget to do them.
Probably the most important thing I’ve done is quit smoking.  I haven’t had a cigarette in almost a month.  Maybe I can make it this time.

Emotional – I hang out with people who I love and who love me while minimizing the negative influences in my day.
I have a difficult time dealing with other people’s anger when that anger is suddenly and unexpectedly directed at me.  My immediate response is to move away from them and set up emotional walls to protect myself from future attacks.   Probably isn’t the best approach, but it’s all I’ve got.  I was married to an angry woman for a long time.
I’m still trying to live mindfully with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

Spiritual – I meditate, read encouraging information, pray, and play.  I’m still having fun with my daily practice of laughing meditation. ‘Ho, Ho, Ha, Ha, Ha’ How could that not be fun?
Greeting the day by clapping has evolved into clapping in celebration of life at other times during the day.  Another new thing is yelling. Sometimes life just feels too small and needs a good yell to my vision. It tends to surprise people and even unnerves a few.  This is a silly thing I picked up from television and I’m enjoying it.

Creative – The ‘second a day for 365 days’ video project is progressing. I still haven’t missed a day.  I’m over 152 days  It was close a few days ago though.  I had to get out of bed to record something.
I meet almost daily with my imagination and creativity gurus.
I went to the Birmingham Art Walk.   Seeing all those creative ideas was so inspiring.

I’ve decided to address 500 Days in these random ‘First Things First’ updates.

  • With 158 days left in this evil plan, I’m not sure I’m making appropriate progress.
  • Drive away day is June 1, 2014.
  • My office at work is about 3/4 cleaned out.  That has to be completed by the end of  May 2014.  I’ve about emptied out the file cabinets.  Whew!  What a job that has been.
  • I’m doing pretty good clearing out the inside of the house. I’ve boxed a lot and need to take it away.  I’ve started boxing up the things that move into the RV.
  • It’s still a hot mess, but I’ve made significant progress in the shop.   It is very slowly getting better.   Its hard for me to part with the tools I’ve collected over the years.  A basic toolbox is about all that is going on the road.
  • Prepping the house for sale……shaking head sadly…..that is kicking my butt.   I’ve made pretty good progress on parts of the yard.  I think I’ll have to hire some help for the most difficult areas.
  • I’m still looking for and learning about RVs.
  • Things are as they are supposed to be and I have faith all the pieces will come together when it is time.

Kudos to The Organic Sister. for this idea.

See what else I’m doing.
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