Eden’s Positivity Week starts today.

Day 1: Yourself
Day 1 is simple. Write about yourself, write a small biography or whatever you want to do, but it has to be positive about yourself.
Sometimes it’s hard to not feel bad about yourself. We live in a world that seems to constantly be judging. I’m not here to judge, but just to say write something positive about yourself, something you love about yourself. You can even write about your flaws and why you feel they may be positive for whatever reason.

“Lynard Skynard! Parliament Funkadelics! Willy Wonka!” ~ BA Spears
“Greatness” ~ studiavena

A friend asked me to write about my spiritual journey.  I thought I would start Positivity Week with the beginnings of that series.

It’s a long way from a conservative Southern Baptist family in the rural south to where I am today.  My father was a Southern Baptist minister.  I’m also a Southern Baptist minister.  We’ll get to that.

As a child my life was church oriented.  Not only did I attend church twice on Sunday, on Wednesday night, during VBS, and during revival weeks, I lived next door to the church. The parking lot and cemetery were part of my turf.  Mom was always fussing for me to get out of the cemetery.  She’d tell me one of the grave markers might fall on me and kill me.

Like a lot of ‘church’ kids I was born again and again and again and again. Finally, one night at a Billy Graham meeting it stuck.

God, religion, and spirituality have been part of my life from the beginning.

I left home after my first two years in college and transferred to Samford University.   God had spoken and I was going to be a minister.  I changed my major from art/mathematics to religion and philosophy with a minor in psychology.

Stay tuned for part two:  Go West Young Man

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