Positivity Week, Day 2:  Looking To The Future

Focusing too much on the past or future is never a good thing. However, it is good to visualize what you want in life, what you want to achieve, something you want to happen even if it is just a simple vacation. For this day, let’s look to the future for a few minutes and share what good, positive things we want in the future.

It can be achieving your dream, buying a new house at a good price or even something you are really looking forward to next year. ~ Eden

The reason I created  Crackingmyegg was to chronicle my journey from a 35 hour a week  regular job working, living in a big house with a mortgage, two cars (at had four at one point during all this), do the same thing day in day out, rut living kind of guy, into a full time RVer.  An update on that evil plan fits right in with Eden’s second prompt.

377ish days ago I launched the 500 Days Project.  With 123 days left to go in that project I’m not sure I’m on track to succeed.   I’ve done a lot.  Most my ‘things’ are gone. Some that aren’t gone are spoken  for and will go when the time comes.   I still have a house.  Want to buy a beautiful home in rural Alabama?

It’s 200 days until ‘Drive Away Day’.   When I sell the house, I’ll use that money to purchase either a Class A or Class C motor-home, something in the 27’ to 30’ range with at least one slide.  I’m looking at used with 30,000 or fewer miles and a gas engine.  I’ve actually looked at a lot of motor-homes and I have learned quite a bit about them.
Here are a few:
500 Days: Progress Report 11.23.12
462 days to go

I’m fixing everything I can fix on my jeep.  It will be the towed vehicle.  I’m thinking about putting it on a trailer.  I’ll sell my pickup truck.  I’m using it as my primary vehicle right now to keep miles off the jeep.

I’ve set up one income stream and I am working on setting up another.  I’m working on getting online billing and banking running smoothly.  Snail mail is still a problem.  I have to address that.   I also have to figure out how to deal with my routine medical/dental care and BP meds on the road.

The yard is a mess but it’s better.  I need to do a little paining inside the house and a through cleaning is definitely in order.

All in all, I really do think I’ll make it one time and on budget!

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