Day 6 of Positivity Week:  Something Funny

Share what makes you laugh. And I mean, really laugh to the point where your face hurts, your stomach hurts and you’re crying. There is nothing better than a good laugh.

So many things make me laugh.

Some people accuse me of laughing at inappropriate times.  hehehe    It’s going to be hard to narrow this down.

After a bit of thought, I think I can narrow things down.

Everything I was going to list all goes back to one thing.

People make me laugh. I’m not laughing at us individually.  It’s just us….

It’s what we do and say.  Our inventions, antics, writing, laughter, well, just everything and anything can induce laughter.

I laugh at myself the most.   The silly things I do crack me up.

I have learned it’s better if you don’t laugh in serious meetings and at funerals.   Oh yes, it’s better not to laugh while you boss is chewing you out.


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