“like a wellspring from the soul that washes over the whole life experience. “



This morning was spent making creatures out of Play Doh and bringing them to life in the kitchen floor. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun with Play Doh. I imagine I’ll be making a batch of the do-it-yerself stuff pretty soon. 

My first quarter back in the classroom came to a successful landing. It was really a joy to be in front of a class again. I’m looking forward to going back into it in a few weeks. 

Since I’ve been working out again, I feel a new fire in the belly, a renewed passion for making stuff and doing stuff and thinking stuff. I don’t attribute it totally to the exercise, although I could certainly pull the research that documents the positive effects on stress hormones, creativity, mood, and critical thinking skills. It seems ,like when life changes a bunch at once, it’s more like…

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