I see it’s time to review 2013.  I’m jumping in the fray.
I’ve kept a handwritten journal off and on most my life.  What you’ll see here are excerpts and edited renditions of journal entries I made from January 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013.  These normally never appear in cyber space.  It won’t be strictly linear.    I don’t always date my journal entries and I don’t always write on the next available line or page.  I may jump in on any page and add new thoughts.  Life isn’t linear.  At least it isn’t for me.
Don’t attach too much significance to any of these. Each is past tense and no longer exists.


The Weekend of Love Notes
NOLA and The Clever Girl
The interesting question is, “What?”
Life is a continual “NOW”.
An RV is a space time machine.

Our minds build webs of delusion where we pick to live.  Once in a while we are surprised to see the net were we  are trapped.  Seeing isn’t escaping.  That is a different story.

Sometimes I feel used.  Sometimes I feel unimportant.


I find cyber life shallow and empty.

Arriving in NOLA
Drinking a Cola
The Crescent clicking on the tracks
No worries
I’m coming back

A mental health day
I had a cold

Every curve in the road
Who did I meet?
What did they teach?

A lot of people were fired while I was in New Orleans.


The Grateful Dead
Promisemesunshine and I wore signs proclaiming how we felt.
So, how do you feel now?
When I don’t grasp onto them, my emotions and feelings pass like water under a bridge.

Sidney left me an encouraging word.  “Many of your wishes will come true soon.”

A great man died.
The background music is nice and you can’t get half an order of life and death.
Coosa Fest
Relax!   Embrace faith!
No one to blame but me.
It’s nuts.  Follow your vision.


IPEDS = Maniacal laughter
Mental health day

There are no grownup things.
There are no childish things.
Raise the vibration.

Wacky Wednesday  Baked Potato
I pick to love and be joyful while dancing in eternity.

The Witches’ Day of Peace


Star Date Now!  I don’t know anything about it.  Do you?
Sometimes it seems like a mistake.  Other times it is wonderful.
To think = To complicate
A tomato – Pattern – Illusion – Delusion – Energy – Vibration
Is it such a good thing to survive?  In this bag of skin?


And my hidden assumptions are:  ?
I’ll have a job in the summer.


It’s the absurdity of life that is beautiful.
Just start digging.

“The great gray heron
flapping across the heavens
Supplies to gather”

Father’s day has no meaning in my life:  no father to honor, not honored by children.
Nature with a hip hop beat
Beach bound
Mu Om Mindfulness

Stay tuned, there might be a part two.

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