I managed the first half of 2013.  Here is part two.  Apparently I was a little more  wordy the second half of the year.
I’ve kept a handwritten journal off and on most my life.  What you’ll see here are excerpts and edited renditions of journal entries I made from July 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013.  These normally never appear in cyber space.  It won’t be strictly linear.    I don’t always date my journal entries and I’m not always sequential.  I may jump in on any page and add new thoughts.  Life isn’t linear.  At least it isn’t for me.
Don’t attach too much significance to any of these. Each is past tense and no longer exists.


Oak Ridge, Starr, Seren, Matthew
Belle of the Ball
Joe Muggs
Riding that train
What do I know?
It appears but is not as it appears.

HaHa HoHoHo
HaHa HoHoHo
HaHa HoHoHo
Laughing meditation

Life if messy.  Litterati.  Just pick it up.

The situation appears grim.
What? Now?
Thank you.

The Tao of the Road – go forth and be amazing.


That was fun.
Back to masquerading as ‘normal’ (as I get).
A list of limiting beliefs to address.

Pick a color
Pick a shape
Pick a color shape
Shoot something different
The fifteen foot circle
Remember to dance

Things decay. Relationships end. People die. Attachment is a trap.
A community of consciousness?
What good is your stove if it makes no heat? ~ W. Harris

All kinds of thrills
Bozos in the rain


Happy Birthday
Be grateful

An index card
Be Simple
Be concise
Sometimes a creative mind needs limits

You just have to listen
I only hear what I want to hear
Pay attention
Bring my shadow into the light
Now I know I was wrong.

5-Death 6-Men
Fail faster
Art Walk

Do not dispute with authorities or with women. ~ Buddha
I’m in touch with my insanity. Making shiny eyes


Wedding photography is interesting and fun. No more weddings for me.

I had a spell. Weird
It doesn’t matter.
It never has.
How fun is that?
I saw many many poor people. Heart broken.


Self audit?
Do I have a legacy project? What does that mean?
My truth is important. What does that mean?
Is truth learned in sharing? Are we all little parts of a big truth?
There are many pieces to my truth. Listening to the still small voice.

To understand, to know me, it is only necessary to see and hear me Where I am, where I’ve always been, and were I always will be.
I think. oops
I’m sure I’m doing the right thing? ‘Who is it that carries this corpse around?’ ~ Koan

Pushing past my edge
Slaying my dragons
A warrior’s path
Into the light
It’s not me. Me is an illusion. Look and see. It’s easy.

Grace Love Memories Praise Poise Joy Friendship Dance
Wu Wei
Put your hand on the radio

It’s hard dealing with idiots.
People eat so, so often.

Don’t expect to be loved or liked. Just love.

When something is labeled it diminishes in size to fit one’s concept of that label.

Once upon a time
Three Kings ate at Waffle king
One king died
One king conquered a new land and ruled there
One king alone remained
You’re right Jade. It doesn’t make any difference.

Come and see
Investigate for yourself

I’ll just keep your fuel costs and some illusions. It’s a child. That’s $5.95 here. Let go or be dragged.

NOLA bound. Interesting trip. Some good. Some horrible. That is the nature of change. It can be dramatic/traumatic.
I’m functional except when I’m not. I’m not delusional right now. Maybe later.
Let’s not start assigning values.

A business plan? Maybe.
Chop Chop! Hack Hack! A bit more yard reclaimed.

What would possess a man and make him think he could remove a hot, glowing heating element from a turned on oven? I don’t understand.
Chaos abides

It must be hard being the only person who knows anything, the only smart person.

Lord help us.
There is nothing to say. Nothing happened.
Happy Thanksgiving. Can you say, ‘turkey day’?
Iron Bowl?
A wild goose chase
A fool’s errand

Patience may be the most valuable skill
Compassion is what I have to give. We could all be happy together. We just can’t see it. Kind of sad. Kind of not sad.

Live deeper
One on one
The man in a cage
The blog squad?
Is this the place?
It’s just like any other place?
I’m a temporal anomaly. Odd.
Come and see


A pilgrim, not knowing where the next step will be placed.
There is no tourist guidebook.
There are instructions.
The (non-)path isn’t marked.
It’s different for everyone.
The mind is it’s own place.
Never stop looking for what isn’t there.
Delve deeply into life. Don’t waste your opportunity.
Harvest comes.

It’s 73 today. I like warm. I get outside more.

No thought is vast.
Quiet mind
Vast mind

You can make a book anywhere.
Different colors
Spin a new one
The Parlotones – It’s Magic
Worth the click
Trust me
One more time
Letting go of thoughts
That do not serve me.

Off ’til January 8th.

Ad for a house
3 bedroom 1900+ square foot brick house
2 bath
Mostly tile floors
Two car garage
Large, wooded lot
Fenced back yard
Paved drive
Large shop building
Quiet neighborhood
Priced to sale

Something extra ordinary comes, go for it.
When we wake up from this dream we will sit on the shore of some ocean and laugh about all of this.
Spazzing out?
Eye of the beholder
Says more about the beholder than the dancer/spazoid

Learning to spend days in a row not speaking to another human.
I think it’s time for a vow of silence.
Maybe during spring break.
Is a week possible?
Maybe start with one day?
This week?

A big fat mama trying to break me
There’s a fat man in the bath tub
REI pack towels
Happy Yule!
Happy Solstice!
Happy Christmas!

Psychoemo-spiritually I’m doing pretty good this winter.

The debt fueled consumer nightmare!
I need Christmas traditions. I think I’ll start with these.
Luke 2: 1-19
Eggnog (not virgin)
Blue cheese log
Port Wine cheese spread

I got on the bus here.
How pleasant to sit on the porch on a sunny afternoon.
Is life a quiet symphony of death?

The Beginning

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2013 January through June
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