I am cold and that wakes me up early this morning (2:35).  So I get up and check the heat.  Not good.  The heat pump is not making heat.  It isn’t even pretending to make heat. It isn’t making a sound.

I try all that I can try from inside and still not a sound or btu from the heat pump.  It’s like it isn’t getting power. I check the circuit breakers. That isn’t it.

I light the gas logs so I won’t freeze, have a little coffee, cook some breakfast, write a little, and listen to some jazz.

Now that it is light outside I go out and see if there is anything I can do.  Maybe there is another circuit breaker. Yes, there is. But that isn’t the problem either. I don’t think I’ll be able to fix this.   I see a repair person in my immediate future.

I call for a repair person who should be showing up anytime. lol You know how that is. I do too. I go to the building supply store for some portable heaters. There are hardly any left, but I do manage to get three.

I hope this isn’t expensive (the portable heaters were $100) and I hope it can be resolved quickly.  Today would be nice. The coldest night of the year is predicted in couple of days.  I really don’t want to have frozen plumbing to go with this. brrrr

Update Part Next
The repairman came and went. He opened the heat pump, did some tests, and flipped a breaker that was tripped. He has no clue what tripped it. He said he would have to come back if it happens again. $40 later I’m warm and know how to open the heat pump, find the breaker, and flip it myself.

I’m happy with this outcome. 🙂