During Christmas break it was cold and gray and getting out was a challenge weather wise and spirit wise.

The oak-leaf hydrangea has lovely flowers.  I enjoy hydrangeas in bloom.  Then when their blooms have faded and dried it’s a beautiful brown flower.  I think this is an oak-leaf hydrangea.  It is Alabama’s state flower and grows wild here.

On the colder and/or more rainy days I took a few pictures inside.  I’ve been playing with soft focus lately.  I did a few in color too but I didn’t post any of those.  The beads are Japa mala beads. I use them sometimes when I meditate.   They help me keep count.

I had lunch with my siblings Christmas day.  This is one of the goblets my siblings had out on the table.  I liked little bell. It was cute.

It was way too cold to be outside.  Just look at these.  The ice crystals had erupted from the mud at the local baseball field. That isn’t something I see very often and don’t really want to see again.

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