I took Barrett Values‘ Personal Values Assessment.  One of their suggestions was that I share my results with my partner, family, and friends.    I’m not sure if I have a partner(s) (that has recently become confusing)  I’m left with family and friends.  I think I can cover both of those by sharing my results here.
Here are the results.

“From the values you selected it is clear that you are a person for whom meaning is important. You have a strong set of moral standards which are important in how you treat others and how you wish to be treated.

Your values show:

1. Living with a passionate and an upbeat, fun-loving approach are important to you.
2. You are able to think imaginatively and are not afraid to take a chance on opportunities to use your skills to produce new ideas.
3. You show a strong sense of caring and feel empathy for others.
4. Seeking new opportunities to develop and grow keeps you consistently challenged.
5. Strong moral standards guide your life and your decisions.
6. Remaining in control of your finances and ensuring that you are not over-stretched provide you with comfort.
7. You strive to show consideration to others and want to feel that this same courtesy is extended to you.
8. You seek holistic balance by striving to maintain harmony in all aspects of your life.

The type of values you selected indicates that your individual capabilities are most important to you.
Understanding our values helps us better understand ourselves and why we may act or react in the way that we do. For example, if someone undermines one of your values it can result in feelings of hurt; you would be likely to feel upset if your value of creativity was not being honored by someone else.
Similarly, if you make a decision which goes against one of your values this may lead you to feel uneasy or unsettled about the decision, because you are not being true to yourself.”

If you’re interested in exploring your values go the Barrett Values Centre web site and take the free Personal Values Assessment.  It only takes a few minutes.  If you take it we can compare results.  Or not. That is up to you.
I thought my results were close and they should be since they are based on how I think I am now and not on how I wish I was.  lol  Do you think they got me right?
After the results there some exercises to do.  I’ll try some of those and see what they are like.

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