Need to recover a chair set? Easy instructions.

Fine Roadkill Cuisine

The chairs we bought for our breakfast table came with these hideous striped cushions. We decided to re-cover them.


We bought some nice green fabric at Old-Time Pottery, unscrewed the seats (four screws each), and got to work. The fabric is simply pulled tight over the cushion and stapled under the seat board. It looks like these chairs had already been re-covered at least once. The original material was yellow.


We attached the new fabric over the old. It’s best to start with the corners, at least when you have this kind of corner, which is notched for the structure of the chair. The fabric should be stretched tight so there are no wrinkles.


The opposite corner is next, to ensure fabric is pulled tight over the cushion.


The sides are last. If you pull the fabric tight by the corners, wrinkling and puckering is minimized. The result looks quite elegant, especially…

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