This touched my heart. It’s sad I didn’t get it sooner. Now that I understand, I live alone. Life is twisted.

making it up as i go

Sometimes I find old photographs of my children & my heart aches for the day when they were taken. If I had a time machine, I would go back to the days when they were mine. My children are older now & have little use for me. I am upset for not loving my life more then.  I was too busy worrying about dirty dishes, laundry, the damn toys everywhere, finding sippy cups with curdled milk under the couch, the bills, being so so tired.  I was too consumed with all those things THAT DIDN’T REALLY MATTERbecause back then, I didn’t think it would ever end.  I was buried under chaos, I remember feeling overwhelmed.

I didn’t think it would ever end. But it did.

I remember when my son opened a birthday gift on his first birthday. It was a Rottweiler stuffed dog from my brother & his…

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