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In Colombia, Alicia supplemented her half-time university professorship with clothing and jewelry sales. She still takes clothes and perfume to sell to her clients every time she visits Medellín. When I visit the university where she used to teach, I can spot her clients because they’re the best dressed ladies there. She remembers each client’s sizes and preferences and every single thing she has sold to them in the past. She will assemble full outfits for them: blouse, slacks or skirt, accessories. It’s amazing how she can remember the precise shade of a blouse and coordinate it with a skirt from a different store, a necklace and bracelet from another source, earrings from a third, a scarf  from a fourth…. She’s a master.

From Colombia she brought handmade jewelry to sell here, but has not been very successful because we only know a handful of people in the Tampa area.

Last night I listed one of…

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