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I found myself on the bank of the river Styx again, unable, as usual, to remember whether I was on the side of the living or the dead, not even certain that there were opposite sides in that regard.  Maybe it wasn’t the side that mattered so much as the perspective.

I was near the river’s terminus into a vast and wild ocean and could hear the breakers on rocks beyond the lighthouse jetty, the mammoth lighthouse tall and white, flashing its light on me in slow beats.

Despite the extent of the shallows and the tall pinnacles of rock that lined the shore, I’m not sure why there was a lighthouse.  The sky was never really dark here.  It was opalescent and studded so thickly with multi-colored stars they were like great swathes of glitter sparkling mid the vibrant, pulsing, veils of dancing auroras.

It occured to me only that maybe my eyes are different…

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