People who can see me in non-cyber space know I love shiny rocks.  I pick them up.  I carry them with me. I randomly give them away. I accept them as gifts.
That is what this new fortnightly (sorry couldn’t help myself) feature is about: sharing the gems and jewels I find along the way  (quotes, songs, thoughts, notes, websites, photos I take, photos I see).   I hope you like the shiny cyber rocks. I may update Shiny Rocks all during the day as I come across new shiny things.
If you have some shiny rocks you’d like to share leave them in the comments.   Let me know what you think.
May truth, love, and light embrace you and emanate from you.

Photography tips
The Path to Better Photography

One of the ways I try to improve my photography is by looking at other photographer’s photos.  You might enjoy the work of these photographers.
Michael Diblicek
Joel (Julius) Tjintjelaar
Hengki Koentjoro 

I spent a lot of time home the last few days recovering from an unpleasant sour sore throat.  I did a lot of reading and watched some TV.  Here are a few websites I bumped into as a result of the that reading and TV watching.
Bhagavan Das
Who-HA Da-DA
If you’re in the UK, you can Rent a Rev.  Sounds like a business I could start.  Maybe I will.

Have we come to the end of the growth economy?

A little nonsense that floated by.
Be may the Pie Jot be with you.

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