Cool art project!

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2me4art project: This art project is one of my favorites. The boys who made these creatures were ages 5-7.  They are wonderful fun to make. All you need is tinfoil & masking tape, primer paint & acrylic paint & finally mod podge. Most important you need an imagination! I always have the children make something make-believe, for two reasons 1. it is much easier to bring an alien to life then a horse.  2. make-believe creatures allow for more fun colors & designs (and mistakes can’t really be mistakes)

You begin by tearing the tinfoil into sheets about 12×12, then you gently crumple up the tinfoil, slowly adding new pieces to the original. The new pieces must attach first to the beginning piece, slowly building the design you want.  Begin to mold the tinfoil like it is clay. When you’ve finished the creature,  tape the creature with masking tape, until…

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