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I’m not an authority on this subject.  This is just what I think.

My friend John from Owl and Terrapin had a yin to hear about Yin. I didn’t think that would be a big deal, but it has turned out to be more Yang than I imagined. I’ve spent a few days doing a little research, consulting with one of my mentors, and getting my thoughts together.

A very little bit of history.

Yin is part of both Confucianism and Taoism. Confucius didn’t know about Yin. It became part to that system of thought after his death. Confucius taught moral and ethical behavior.  When Yin/Yang was absorbed by Confucianism, both Yin and Yang were endowed with moral attributes.  Yin and Yang, as part of a ethical dichotomy carry moral judgements.
Taoists see Yin a bit differently.  Yin is part of a wave, an oscillation. It isn’t part of the dichotomy of good and evil or black and white.

Yin has been described as feminine, cold, wet, slow, soft, passive, yielding, and diffuse. It has been associated with darkness, water, earth, the moon, and night.

In either system Yin has no meaning apart from Yang.  They give rise to each other. They compliment each other.  The difficulty in discussing yin arises from Yin’s reliance on Yang for its existence and meaning.  There is no wave it one half is missing.

Yin and Yang try to look as different as possible while being identical.  And reversible. It’s the idea of identical differences. Check out Alan Watts for more on this.
Yin is part of an energy wave.

Before “let there be light” (Genesis 1:3) was there only dark.  No….there was no dichotomy.  There was no dark.  “Let there be light” Yang and Yin.
If there was only Yang, you would create Yin.
There is nothing to do
and everything to do
The Universe
The Divine
The word is not the thing
Don’t grasp
Expand containing all things

What can you know?  Words are obscured by their proliferation.
The 10,000 things
This from that
That from this
The affirmation is rooted in denial of the other?

They ate from עֵץ הַדַּעַת טוֹב וָרָע? (Genesis 3:6).  God tried to warn them.  Avoid the dichotomy. They didn’t.  And we still eat there.

It’s this and that.
Not this or that.

UIDst = 7hd + 4hd

The illusion that one will win over the other is a silly illusion.


Same Differences

“Which meaning brings meaning
when brought to mind?
Which meaning brings meaning
when brought to heart?
Feel meaniong, know purpose.
Know meaning, feel purpose.
Witness the qualities within their differences
and know that the Tao…rests in their sameness.”
~ The Tao of Circles by Carl Garant

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