It’s hard to find time to blog these days.  The river of life is flowing fast and there is so much going on.  Many changes every day.
People are looking at my house.  Someone will buy it soon.  Then I’ll be homeless. Where will I stay?  Yikes!!!

There is still too much stuff in the house and shop building.    There is so much to do to make the house more appealing to buyers! Painting! Weeding! Mowing! Hauling things away!   I have hired some help. Can’t hire help much though.  It’s costly.   YIKES!

I’ve rented a storage space for my son’s stuff and for the few things I’m taking with me in the RV. I’ll be moving some things to storage this weekend.  I have things that belong to other people.  I need to get those where they belong. Yikes!!!!!

Speaking of RVs, I need to purchase one.  Yikes!!!!

I’ve turned in all the necessary paper work to retire.  One month left and I’ll be unemployed.   My office at work still needs more cleaning out.  The last semester at work is coming to an end.   Lots of testing and grading and reporting to do.  Yikes!!!!!!

More to do:
Get electronic billing and paying set up and working
Pay off as many things as I can
Deal with Einstein
Go to the doctor and figure out my meds
Call the insurance company and figure out my meds and coverage
Have things turned off and canceled
Forward mail to where?

All these Yikes!!!!! require some relief so I’m going to NOLA with Christy and Jesse in May.  I need a break.

This is a very busy, exciting, and scary time in my life.  w00t! w00t! It is filled with mixed feelings, beginnings and endings, and goodbyes with no hellos.  Going on adventure and saying goodbye to places and people for what may very well be the last time is a bitter yet sweet experience.

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