“…there [are] only two places on earth one [can] be: New Orleans and somewhere ridiculous.” ~ Tom Robbins
I’ve almost completed packing. Just a few things to toss in the bag. I think Einstein knows I”m going. He is chattering and squawking up a storm.

Thursday morning, Christy, Jesse, and I are heading to Anniston to catch the Crescent for New Orleans.  We will be there a week playing and taking pictures.   I’m excited! I love riding the train and I love New Orleans.  I get to stand on shore of the mighty Mississippi once more.

It’s a magic city.  Tom Robbins said, “The minute you land in New Orleans, something wet and dark leaps on you and starts humping you like a swamp dog in heat….”  The man is right. There is no escape from all that jazz and from the blues!

After all the recent “last times” and good byes it is nice to be returning to a friend/city that has been in my life for a long time. It brings some balance into my experience.

Like New Orleans, I listen, not to the world, but to my own inner being–ever mindful of my personal style.

“If New Orleans is not fully in the mainstream of culture, neither is it fully in the mainstream of time. Lacking a well-defined present, it lives somewhere between its past and its future, as if uncertain whether to advance or to retreat. Perhaps it is its perpetual ambivalence that is its secret charm. Somewhere between Preservation Hall and the Superdome, between voodoo and cybernetics, New Orleans listens eagerly to the seductive promises of the future but keeps at least one foot firmly planted in its history, and in the end, conforms, like an artist, not to the world but to its own inner being–ever mindful of its personal style.”

~ Tom Robbins

Stay tuned for random photo updates as I go along.

Peace, Love, Light!

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