Cool tips on building birdhouses.

making it up as i go


Instead of doing the watercolor commission or editing photo shoots…you know, the stuff that pays me, i decided i needed to just PLAY. It is summer after all. My daughter, Sophie, is the only child of mine who joined in the fun.

The windows on the Mother Nature church of peace were painted with nail polish, which really made them stand out.

Directions: go to Michael’s Arts & Craft store & pick out a birdhouse, they are unfinished & cost about 10 bucks. Then go over to the scrapbook paper & chose your theme. Prime & then paint the birdhouse, then use Mod Podge to adhere your paper’s designs/theme. When your done, cover with a few coats of Mod Podge…when that is dry, apply Varnish.  They won’t last too long, but the point is to reach your inner child & have fun.

i did.

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