There is…”nothing that can’t be fixed.” ~ An Angry Waitress
“Answers are questions unasked.” ~ The Tinman
“If you don’t have heart you have nothing.” ~ The Tinman

Web sites

“Soul Makes is a collaboration between two love birds; MacKenzie and Trevor Mars. She is the designer, maker & photographer behind this collection of wild and free accessories and he is the visionary that breathed life into their passionate story, with his business & tech savvy skills. He is a web designing master mind. Together we bring you this virtual bohemian wonderland, where we hope you’ll find your hidden treasure. We want you to wear your favorite Soul Makes wonder and feel the love it was created with, we want to inspire you!” ~  The Soul Makes Beautiful Things

“The Alabama Phoenix Festival is a celebration for persons who passionately pursue creativity and imagination.  We strive to create an environment where individuals of all ages can come together and share common interests, be it the latest science fiction show, the newest comic book movie or scientific development.”

The Transition Movement is a vibrant, grassroots movement that seeks to build community resilience in the face of such challenges as peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis.”

Thoughts I Thunk

Stop labeling yourself.  When something happens, let it, let it pass, let go of it.  When everything changes it is your opportunity to reinvent your world better.

I delight in wondering.
I delight in wandering.
I delight in curiosity.

Wanted dead or alive:  Adventure, a life lived to the fullest on my edge.  My edge is a moving target.  It recedes each time I step over it.

Let it be strange.  Let it be wonderful.  Let it be epic.

 Odds and Ends

Think like a freak – is an inspiring book title…at least for me.  hahahaha

I saw this on a shirt:  “Unfuck the world”

Breakfast With Curtis 



I thought some butterflies would be nice.


People who can see me in non-cyber space know I love shiny rocks.  I pick them up.  I carry them with me. I randomly give them away. I accept them as gifts. They sit on windowsills and tables around my house.
This is the seventh in a series of features sharing the gems and jewels I find along the way  (quotes, songs, thoughts, notes, websites, photos I take, photos I see).   I hope you like the shiny cyber rocks.
If you have some shiny rocks you’d like to share leave them in the comments.   Let me know what you think.
Truth, Love, Light

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