Decluttering is an interesting journey. Parts have been joyful. Parts have been tearful. Most of it has been mundane.
I’ve learned a lot about myself and the things I believed were true. I’m not only decluttering my physical space I am also decluttering my mental space. I have abandoned many long held beliefs.
So far, two things have been the most difficult. The first is ridding myself of things I’ve owned a long time. I have some kind of emotional attachment to these items that I don’t understand. Just because I’ve owned it for 40 years doesn’t mean I need it. I am talking things like car jacks, sledge hammers, steel chisels, boxes of unleaded stained glass, boxes of old bottles, boxes of things I haven’t looked inside of in 10 years, and a myriad of other such things.
The second and more difficult category includes the items with understandable emotional attachments. These are items I think of as emotional time bombs. Occasionally I come across gifts given to me by my children when they were small. These always elicit tears. I cry because I miss the adults they are now. I cry because I miss the children they were then. I cry because I miss living in a family.
I cry. Then I move on. Eventually I discover another little emotional time capsule stashed among my things.

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