Twenty minutes of free form writing.  How odd is that?  It’s a prompt for Writing 101.  I’m not much of a writer.  I’m more of a photographer.  Any writing I do is usually centered around the photos I take.

When there is religion and philosophy.  I’ve very interested in that.  I’ve studied it for years.  I was searching for ”the truth”.  That is something else I find odd.  Apparently “the truth” is found inside ourselves.  What do you think?  I’m still not sure what I think about “truth”.

My house has been for sale for a while.  Someone is coming to look at it on Thursday.  The window is cracked.  The repairman was supposed to come today.  His company was supposed to call.  Neither happened.  I’m mad but ok with it.  If you tell me you are going to do something, just do it.  That isn’t too hard is it?    I will find someone else.  At least the grass is cut.  I’d like to think it is the last time this season but I’m pretty sure it isn’t. There is chopping, hacking, toting, stacking, and burning to do.  I’m planning on going to the circus on Thursday too.  What kind of circus is held inside a small town’s recreation center?  I guess I’ll find out.

I do like New Orleans.  The Clover Grill has chicken and waffles.  That could be tasty.  I like the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium, Bourbon Street, The French Quarter, the Mississippi River, the architecture, the culture, the food, and myriad of other things I find there.

Fall is pleasant.  Winter sucks.  I don’t do well in the cold, I survive.  I thrive in warm weather.

Posting this is optional according to the prompt.  I don’t know if I will.  It isn’t that I am ashamed of what I have written or shy about sharing what I do.  It’s more about typing it all up because I hand wrote the original.    Oh well, just takes time.  Life comes down to the choices we make in the present.  Each choice effects and creates the next.

Chinese fried chicken and waffles will have to do.

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