On November 1, 2012 I posted my first blog about this adventure, 500 Days to a New Life.  Now, several months past 500 days, my house is selling on October 31st.  After the sell I’ll be purchasing an RV and transitioning into life as a full timer living on the road.

The Blended Path pulled this card for me.

She offered this interpretation.

Ok, What I’m getting from this – forget the book…I know what this is about. The angels want you to be peaceful – to me this card, for you at this time, is about rebuilding your life. The angels want you to know that you’re on the right path – things are falling into place. You are being active and faithful, and you are trusting as you should. The angels say you are easy – you are submissive to the will of fortune and loss in your life (not sure what they mean by that but you will understand at some level or they wouldn’t have said it). They say you are a man of God, that you know how and do hear the voice of spirit, and that you should continue to listen in the ways that work for you. I am seeing from this card a death of an old life and beautiful rebirth of your life, complete with beautiful creativity and art, colors, and a lot of love and healing energy (in the background colors). I am also feeling like you should pay attention to the gray area at the bottom of the card – I think that there may be “road blocks” – no pun intended – in actually getting the RV you want, but the angels say to be picky. It’s important that you not settle on the home you choose. And so that’s what I’m seeing here. The book says, “to blossom and bloom, the work must be done, through fire and ash our fortune comes.” It talks about flowers being born from seeds.

She was right on track for my life.  I love her and the reading. I will be picky.

I think it is auspicious the house sells on Halloween.  How sweet is that? It also auspicious that I will be homeless on November 1, 2014, two years since I began working in earnest on this transition.

It is a bit scary (perfect for Halloween too).  It’s outside my comfort zone.  It will be different on the road alone and the time frame for getting rid of the rest of my stuff is really short.

It seems like it is getting to be time to go though.  My friends and family here are deeply involved in their own adventures.  They will miss me, but will soon go back to doing what they do and loving who they love.

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