Cherokeewriter has been doing Positivity Week for several years. I enjoy participating each year. Even though it is the last day for this year I will continue to do my best to be positive everyday.

Day 7: Local Positivity
On this last day, share an event, group or something else you feel is positive that is located in your town/city or a nearby town/city.

Fermenter’s Market at the Rex is a tasting room with hundreds of kinds of beers and wines. It has a relaxing atmosphere. I enjoy sitting there, having a drink, and reading.

Theology on Draft is a monthly discussion group. We meet at the Marble City Grill and talk about a wide variety of issues. For example, this months topic is, “Is Euthanasia a Sin?” This shouldn’t be confused with a religious group simply because theology is in the name. It’s open discussion with no one opinion weighing more than any other. In a narrow minded community, this is a breath of fresh air.

I like two local parks: Kymulga Grist Mill and DeSoto Family Fun Park.

The Bluebell Ice Cream Factory and Ice Cream Parlor needs no further explanation. The name is enough.

As polluted as they are, the Coosa River and the many power company lakes are beautiful.

Those are a few of the many positive things in and around this locale.

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