I’m all about the love


And punishment is counterproductive.

This is not a blog about parenting. There are plenty of those out there. This is about love. I like love. Love is useful. Sure it’s patient and kind and all that stuff, but the most important thing to me is that it’s pragmatic.

What happens when we get punished? We feel small. Our stress hormones go up and we become afraid of risk. No one likes to be punished… even worse, we frequently feel like we DESERVE to be punished. What the hell? That’s like telling the little child inside oneself that it’s broken, wrong, poorly manufactured in some way.

Students then, students deserve to be punished when they foul up and miss a deadline! Certainly! That cheater weasel… he deserves a zero. Yes. A grade. He deserves a grade that reflects what he did. But does he deserve to be made to feel bad…

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