The blog, “What are Your Favorite Things” over at Life Edited inspired me to write about my favorite things: not people, not places, but things. After three intensive years of decluttering and downsizing, I have a pretty good idea of what my favorite things happen to be.
I have a small storage building about half full of things I am keeping (and some things that belong to and need to be shipped to my son). Everything in that storage building is something I care about or really think I need for life on the road. Some of it won’t make it onto the RV I’m sure. There will be more culling as I continue this change in lifestyles. Important as I think they are, these aren’t my favorite things.
So what about my favorite things? Where are they? What are they? They and some clothes are with me at my friend’s house.
So here is the list.
1. Sony Alpha 700 and various lenses and filters
2. Sony Alpha 350 body
3. GoPro and various accessories
4. Pentax Optima camera
5. Lumix GF7 and various lenses and filters
6. The trusty netbook I’ve had for years
7. A pile of USB drives loaded with pictures
8. A small box of religious totems and small family heirlooms.
9. A 2001 Jeep Sahara

That’s my list and I’m standing by it!
So what are your favorite things: not people or places, things?
Share them with us in the comments.

Peace, Love, Light

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