I had a few items to accomplish today. The biggest two involved dealing with the government. We know how much fun that can be.
After Christy returned from the doctor (A good read) I bathed and headed out. I stopped at the Post Office. There was a surprise in the box. My health insurance company wants me to participate in their wellness club or pay a penalty of $50 a month. Yikes! This needs a follow up. Which costs more $300 not to play or an unknown amount to participate. And how ridged are the guidelines? Can I participate from the road? Hmmmm?
Next I drove 30 miles down the road (or up as the case may be). I stopped at the ABC store for liquid refreshment and headed over to the health department. It was extremely slow, but I did get two copies of my birth certificate.
A short hop over Battle Street and I was at the Social Security Administration. I wandered in, found the sign in spot, queued up, was approached by the security officer, and was told to take my water and camera outside. Since I was in a soft top jeep there was no leaving an expensive camera outside. Mission aborted.
On the way back I stopped at DeSoto Caverns Park and called one of my ongoing consultant jobs. We had a productive conversation and I made an appointment for a WebEx meeting on Monday.

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