“You are so loved. You are accepted. You are growing. You are a beautiful soul.” – Meg Heighway

I paid a lot of money and went to college for many years. I was seeking the answer. Truth. (Don’t play religion on me here. That’s not the point.)
I asked, “Why?” I asked the questions. I tried asking logic and science. I asked the questions (you know the ones.. The ones you ask.) I asked at the gates of religion and philosophy. I asked for years. I asked the question(s) we all ask.
What did I learn? Not THE answer.
I learned I was asking the wrong question(s).
Now I seek the question.
And the questioning…and the questioning…could it be…the answer? Curiosity? Wonder?
Open eyes?
Open ears?
Open mind?
Open heart?

Then again,
Maybe not.

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