“The beginning is always today.”
― Mary Shelley

One more time around the Maypole. Drive away day is Monday, February 2, 2015. It’s like the fourth in the series. I didn’t want to announce it because I didn’t want to jinx it. All things seem to be in order and falling into place.
I leave with mixed emotions.
This area has been mine home for 30+ years.
I’m liking location independence.
My family is here.
I’m looking forward to new foods.
My playmates are here.
I am excited about new subjects for pictures.
One of my spiritual guides is here.
I own property here.
I’m curious.
Most my business affairs are centered in Alabama.
I’ve embraced the challenge of managing my affairs online.
I want to learn.
I’ll be alone.
I’m traveling with a parrot.
New people will be every where. Are they friendly, helpful, uninterested, dangerous, or……
Great for portraits?
I’ll spend a lot of time in Oak Ridge.
I’m afraid.
I’ll spend a lot of time around LA.
I’ll visit Alaska and a lot of friends between here and there and back again.
What if I break down. When will I break down?
Where will I break down?
What about money?
I’m excited.
And Internet?
And all the unknowns….
And all the knowns….
I could go on
And on
And on
And on
I’m leaving the nest again,
jumping and trusting my cape.
I’ll slay my dragons as long as I can.
I’ll sing and cry and laugh and pray and dance.
And I can’t, I’ll begin again.
The end is the beginning.

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