Today was hot, humid, and overcast for starters. That switched to cool, rainy, and windy this afternoon.
I went for a couple of short walks and took a few pictures. Mostly I stayed in and worked with the pictures I’ve taken over the past few days. When I have wifi again I’ll try to post some. I also wrote in my journal and worked on a couple of photo blogs. I can’t leave out a wee bit of house cleaning, some time catching up on social media, and talking to random campground neighbors.
There was a first today. Someone knocked on my door. lol It was the camp hostess. She was going camper to camper telling everyone the water would be off for a while.
Tomorrow will be sunny, windy, and cool. I’ll get out and go exploring. I’ll look around Davis Bayou some and possibly go back to the beach. I also want to visit the dock where the commercial fishing boats are moored. I bet there are some good pictures there.


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