111 W. Laurel Ave.
Foley, Alabama 36535
Open Monday-Friday 10-2
Free self-guided tour

The Holmes Medical Museum is located above the drug store in Baldwin County’s first hospital, which served the community from 1936-1958. Many of the items on display are the original medical artifacts including surgical instruments, operating room machinery and a human skeleton. The interior of the museum is like a time capsule remaining practically unchanged from the time it served as the area’s first hospital. This fascinating museum will definitely take you back in time.

IMG_9706Apparatus to treat varicose veins
IMG_9704The Spectro-Chrome used color waves to treat various conditions. There is controversy about the value of this method of treatment. Orthodox medicine has its point of view. Spectro – Chrome type therapy is making a come back in other circles.

IMG_9705Another popular treatment was irradiated water.




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