Tuesday and Wednesday have been work days.  I’ve been blogging, catching up on email, talking with my friends on the phone, taking care of random business, editing photos, and uploading them to cloud storage. Cloud storage is convenient on the road but not especially fast. And it’s definitely not always available.  Internet access is often a challenge. Since I subscribe to Amazon Prime, I’m using their service for cloud space.
I haven’t left the park and haven’t been out of the bus much. It has been a gray, windy, and chilly couple of days for the most part. I keep trying to go for a walk but the wind sends me back inside. 
Hanging out in the park turned interesting.  I talked with Steve Posselt and Klaas Nierop of Kayak 4 Earth. Nice guys. They are paddling a kayak across Australia, the U.S., and parts of Europe to focus awareness on climate change. They have completed the Austrilian leg of the trip. Steve invited Christy and I to tag along and take pictures.  I’m not sure I can or will do that.  I have some previous  commitments in the the spring, I need to buy tires, and I have to be in Alabama to renew my tags in March.  It is an interesting opportunity and I may jump in along the way. That’s one of the joys of a rolling home. 

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